Kristen David Presents:

What Does a Marketing Coordinator Do?

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Marketing is a big job – and as your business grows, so do your marketing activities! Social media, your editorial calendar, newsletters, publicity, and so much more...the list goes on.

Marketing is essential to your business, but that does not mean you should be the one to handle it.

A rockstar Marketing Coordinator can streamline and grow your marketing strategy while taking these tasks off your plate. This can save you dozens of hours and thousands of dollars!

Join Kristen David to discover how you can save yourself time and money while growing your business. You will also get a sneak peek at our newest product!


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Kristen David
These days, no one teaches us how to run our business like a business—at least they didn’t in my law school. That's why I'm dedicated to helping business owners learn to build a profitable business and find their freedom!
At each stage of my life I have reached out and grabbed opportunities which have led to amazing experiences and even more opportunities. I’ve truly thrived in the moment.